Stupid question? No such thing.

So, I have been vaping for more than 6 years. I have heard and seen it all. People are always saying they hate to ask stupid questions.

I am here to tell you that even after 6+ years, I make newbie mistakes. Probably more than newbies because I never read instructions. With my reviews I have always just opened the box to see how easy/hard the device is to figure out.

So, yesterday I get this vapemail.

Joyetech 75W eVic AIO (all in one)

Classy looking, right?

On the back there is a usb charging port.

I look at it and assume this is what charges it. I click the obligatory 5 times to turn it on. Nothing. Battery must be dead so I plug it in and it does this.

Clearly it is not charging and when I press the fire button I get that ‘device too hot’ message. Great…they sent me a dudd. I pack it up and send an email to the supplier saying it was DOA.

Later I am home talking to a friend online. We will call him, Obiwan. I am telling him how nice it is even though it doesn’t work. Then I am wondering the mAh on the battery so I look it up on the site.

This is the description:

75W Joyetech eVic AIO VT Kit W/O Battery

Do you see it? W/O battery…..sans battery. Now I see where you can pop it open.

I message Obiwan: “We shall never speak of this!”

In my defense, the directions that I finally read said nothing about how to install a battery. Or that it even took a battery.

My reward after all this is that it is a great vape. And…. this:

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